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Medical Spa vs Spa

Medical Spa vs Spa Questions and Answers

Medical Spas are Aesthetic Health Clinics overseen by medical professionals who use the latest techniques and technologies to improve both health and appearance. They differ from ordinary day spas in the depth and permanence of the treatments offered, with day spas being more about maintenance and comfort than long term results. Call us for more information. We serve clients from Chicago IL, Cicero IL, Oak Park IL, Berwyn IL, and West Town IL.

Medical Spa vs Spa Questions and Answers

These days there are an array of both Day Spas and Med Spas offering all sorts of different health and beauty regimens. Better You offers the latest technology and techniques in health and aesthetics and offer better results and better value than our competitors in either field.

What is the difference between Medical Spas and a Spa?

Medical Spas offer a different take on relaxation and pampering than traditional spas. Instead of the usual manicures, pedicures, and massages, Med Spas offer the latest techniques and technologies in medical rejuvenation and aesthetics. There is a noted difference in the level of professionalism and experience at Better You Spas.

What services are offered at a Medical Spa?

Med Spas offer Aesthetic Medical Treatments to make you look and feel your best. At Better You Spa’s we offer non-invasive body contouring, hi-emt muscle training, high intensity interval training for rapid fat loss and a wide array of other procedures to meet your health and aesthetic needs. For our procedures we prefer non-invasive treatments such as high-intensity focused ultrasound, radio frequency treatment, cryolipolysis and low-level laser lipo treatments. Our cellulite removal techniques make use of specialized laser treatments, some of which involve using a laser underneath your skin to break up the tough fiber bands. Because so many of our methods are non-invasive, our recovery times are quicker and our patient preparation for procedures is minimal. We don’t use botox or injections in any of our treatments, meaning that you do not have to concern yourself with what chemicals are being injected into your body.

Do Medical Spas need nurses and doctors for Medical Spa Services?

Because of the techniques used nearly all the treatments at Med Spas are performed by medical professionals. Meaning that either nurses, specialists, or physicians will be overseeing your procedures. Med Spas are usually managed by a supervising physician, whether they are a general practitioner, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon. However, they are not required to be on site or to perform the procedures themselves. As so many of our procedures are non-invasive and do not require injections or surgery they often do not need to be performed by a Medical Doctor and can be handled by a trained specialist.

What are the benefits of getting treated at a Med Spa?

Med Spas offer the best anti-aging treatments that often have longer lasting effects than the more temporary measures used by day spas. Med Spas also allow you to receive these treatments in a more comfortable environment than a doctors or surgeons office, reducing stress. We at Better You specialize in using the latest non-invasive methods of treatment, using techniques that maximize the bodies own anti-aging methods in the patients favor. We also pride ourselves on the comfort and happiness of our patients, providing a customized experience for the needs of each individual.

While the med spa has been rapidly increasing in popularity, we think you will find that Better You stands apart from other Med Spas and Day Spas in meeting your needs. So, if you or an acquaintance want to experience the best health and aesthetic rejuvenation that the latest technologies can offer, don’t hesitate to call Better You Spa’s and let Mira take care of you.