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Educational Resources at Better You Spas in Chicago, IL

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Research Data on Body Contouring

The world of non-invasive body contouring has grown for it’s affect of non-invasive procedures that prove to be as effective as invasive treatments without the downtime and cost. Using all modalities in one treatment is proven to be the most effective in losing inches permanently quickly. Only Better You Spas has one machine that incorporates all modalities at one low cost.

Educational Resources at Better You Spas in Chicago, IL

The use of additional modalities such as HIFU, RF and HI-EMT with cryolipolysis has been proven to maximize results by destroying more fat cells than when using only cryolipolysis. This also helps tighten skin and increase fat reduction.

A minimum of 20% fat removal can be expected after each treatment. This can equivilate to ½ inch or more of permanent fat removal for each treatment. Body contouring is a localized spot treatment that when accompanied with a healthy diet and lifestyle it will mirror the results you’re looking for visually.

Face Tightening using RF

Monopolar radiofrequency treatment is best for promoting facial laxity by initiating new collagen growth after treatment and beyond.

Rapid weight loss using HI-EMT in combination with ultrasound

Two weeks of High-Intensity Interval Training in combination with HIFU drastically decreases body fat percentage in overweight females and males in the shortest amount of time. Better You Spas uses this customized approach when real results are needed fast in order to achieve optimal long-term plans.