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I grew up in Chicago since I was 3 yrs. old coming from Montreal, Canada with my Dad and sister. Growing up in the city has taught me to be open-minded but also protective. Being a 1st generation American it was tough to keep up with the trends without many resources. I took it upon myself to work full-time at an early age of 15 and haven’t stopped since then.

At a young age, I was always obsessed with experimenting new products especially beauty products. Being raised to eat healthy our Dad didn’t allow us to eat junk food growing up only fruit, vegetables, meat and grains so we were always fit but I have to give credit for our timeless looks and youthful energy to our family genes. Eating healthy at a young age and taking care of your looks early on gives you a competitive advantage to anti-aging.

In 2019, I gave up my 14 years of working in IT to push the envelope and do something that my heart was into. I always knew I needed to serve a purpose but it took me a very long time to realize what that could be. Being 45 years old, everyone is always shocked at how young I look but just so you know, I paid my price getting here and paid my dues early in life. I’ve been challenged with growing up underweight with an overly protected parent and sheltered from life.  Adversity has taught me to fight until I could find my way back up no matter how sad or tough life got.  Needing to break free, I dedicated the rest of my life to no longer follow “the should’s” but to follow “the wants” of what my heart truly desires.  That is the baseline for your health.

Using all of my self-knowledge; research and my career in IT I am able to help those who want to better themselves by finding more affordable ways in doing it. I don’t believe that self-care should cost more than the resources needed to get you there holistically. I learned how, from my own experience navigating through trends and finding better ways that cost less unknown in the media because they invest in ingredients and not marketing.  I am proud of how my story has unfolded and how much I can do with everything I’ve learned, to help others.

I dedicate my business to my dear daughter Anikka who has taught me what love is and who I am, this was the force that empowered me to take the biggest leap of faith in myself.


I’m committed to helping create a Better You using all my research in technology and providing it at the lowest cost in the market.

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